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About The Creator:
 Lydia Martinez Ebling 
The creator of Metabolic Method, an advance health and weight loss program. Lydia, a published author, is a professional speaker, trainer and mentor that coaches entrepreneurs in business as well as health & weight loss. She has personally coached thousands of individuals and hundreds of groups to significant weight loss, body fat reduction, and inches forever gone and improved health.
She has created a massive influence worldwide guiding and teaching tens of thousands of people her marketing, sales, team building and closing techniques. Lydia, a former national corporate director of a multi-million dollar weight loss program, created curriculums in coaching, weight loss, leadership and team building to mobilize masses of people to duplicate simple steps in order to achieve what they ultimately wanted.
Lydia brings over 20 years of experience as successful network marketing professional, fitness and nutrition industry expert and successful business owner who shares her treasured experiences, perspective and no-nonsense action steps on what it takes to succeed not only in business but also in life.
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Fitness Specialist
Fitness Nutrition Coach
Sports Nutrition Specialist
Kids Nutrition Specialist
Certified Weight Management Specialist
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