“Are you doing all the ‘right’ things to lose weight
and not seeing any results?”
If You Believe That Weight Loss Is Only
About Diet and Exercise…

You’re Dead Wrong!

Most Traditional Advice Is Slowly “Frying”
Your Body From The Inside Out
Throughout more than 20 years we have  been helping people lose weight and become better versions of themselves.
If you are like most people, you are probably pretty confused about what it takes to lose weight and keep it off.

It’s a mess out there with one-size fits all diet programs, conflicting nutritional information, the media telling you what’s healthy and dishing on the “supplement of the week” that promises FAST Weight Loss but ruins your hormonal system in the process.

Understanding weight-loss & fitness can be so frustrating! It’s no wonder people have a hard time getting in shape for the long-term and most just give up.
Well, FINALLY there is an answer to silence the chaos and confusion! We have studied the latest science, researched the facts, tested it with thousands of clients and infused every proven ingredient into one simple system. It provides everything you need to take control of your health, fitness & physique.
Whether you have 5 or 50lbs to lose, have a special event coming up, or you are simply sick and tired or being sick and tired, we can help you achieve your goals.

So many of our clients have shared similar stories about their journeys before finding us. Does this sound familiar?;

“I know I need to make a change but it’s so hard with my schedule and I’m not sure where to start or how to keep it going.”


“I was given a good bill of health by medical standards but still feel lousy!”


“I exercise, eat right and take my supplements but I still seldom get a good night’s rest -and I have no idea how to correct it.”

Or how about this;

“I have a few good days of energy but they are followed by a bunch of low energy, sluggish days.”

Like many, you may not understand why you feel this way and can’t seem to pinpoint what is causing these issues. The fact is, until you address the root cause of your SPECIFIC problems, no matter how hard you try, your weight will stay the same, your health will not improve (or only improve slightly) and you will maintain that feeling of lousiness.
Imagine what it would feel like to….
Be confident, grounded and always secure in being you.
Feel more comfortable in your own skin.
 Be fit, healthy and less stressed.
Enjoy YOU more.
Be more social.
Be more productive at work or in your business.
Do more with your family, friends, and spouse.
Help others do the same.
Have better relationships.
 Love the life you’re living.
Shop at different stores and wear different designer clothes.
Experience renewed energy
Then NOW is the Time to Begin!
~Teresa McCoy
“If you are struggling with aches and pains and not having the success you desired reaching weight loss goals – I’ve been there and have learned we have been misinformed for years. My Results: 1 year later – released 50+ more pounds (total 80), down 5 sizes.

BUT – the best part is I no longer need a cooling vest just to walk to the car. I have energy that allows me to actually work so I’m building a business, studying, and serving as President to a Toastmasters club. My muscles don’t hurt, my joints don’t hurt, I no longer have foggy head, I can climb steps and ladders, I can take on home repair projects and actually complete them.

I’m handling stress a lot better and it looks like the 3-headed monster I became from not feeling good all the time has lost 2 heads. At a time when people told me to accept my life will only go down hill from here, I learned it doesn’t need to be that way. I see a future possible that others said would never materialize.

All because I got sick and tired of being sick and tired and learned about the roles of inflammation in bringing about debilitating symptoms. With that I learned just because a food is considered “healthy” doesn’t mean it’s beneficial to my body….

My wish is that everyone who experiences chronic aches and pains could feel as good as I do.”
~Charley Neal
"I have been blessed to find this program that has changed my life. I have found a group of like minded people that support you through all the trial and tribulations of weight loss. They are there to support you through the tough times and there to celebrate your success. 

I have lost over 115 pounds, 18 inches off my waist, 4 inches off my neck and 44% BMI released in less than 10 months
-  Thank you to my friend and mentor Debbie Dern-Parker, certified Metabolic Method Elite Coach for bringing into this most awesome tribe that saved my life!!!!"
~Alicia P.
"I want to share my fitness/health/postpartum transformation due to the event we will be having in a week. I decided for myself to be healthy physically and mental to be the best parent I could be. So I have a long healthy life to be here as long as I can for my son.

The more I control my eating habits, control my mind, and continue my work outs the less stress I have and the happier I am. Everyday you have a opportunity to become a better version of yourself. Control your mind, conquer your body, balance your life, live happily. Metabolic method will help you in every part of your life!"
~Amy Court
“During the first 2 weeks I dropped 9 lbs. and it just kept coming off. I have lost a total of 33 pounds to date, 15 inches and almost 4% body fat. My body is a happier place to live in now that I understand inflammation and how to knock it out. I have made a lifestyle change in 5 short months that is so easy and rewarding I can barely say enough. HUGE love and gratitude to my coaches, they are super stars and teach us how to be our own super stars!! Metabolic Method is the most empowering choice I have ever made in taking back the younger, fitter and healthier me I have always known lived inside and wanted to come out!”
~Holly Lapinski
“Hopelessness. Despair. Exhaustion. Pain. Shame. These were the main emotions I was feeling when I was introduced to the Metabolic Method. I knew if I didn’t do SOMETHING I would be dead or incapacitated at the very least. I had given my all to numerous programs over the years, but none of them addressed what was really going on with me and my body. I started my journey hoping to get my hormones, inflammation and the effects of extreme stress under control. I had given up on losing weight because it ALWAYS found me again. To my surprise, once I started eliminating foods from my diet that I was sensitive to, the weight just started coming off! The first two weeks I lost 14 pounds and overall to date, I am down 45 pounds and 10% body fat. I started at tight size 18 pants and now wear a 12. I haven’t been this size since I got married 32 years ago. Thank you for giving me Hope and My Life back, Lydia Martinez and the Metabolic Method team…I deserve to succeed! I also deserve a new wardrobe.’
There is NO “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” Program! The fact is, every “Body” is different. To conquer this frequently over-looked challenge, Metabolic Method delivers customizable programs rooted in the most cutting edge science. We have diligently researched and incorporated all the proven fundamental principles that apply to general human physiology for successful fat loss and vibrant health. We also equip clients with effective tools for individual customization. You will be guided to successfully craft a lifestyle that satisfies your unique needs perfectly.
Program 1. Metabolic Method Elite (Lifetime Access):
A lifetime access self study course and community, comprehensive, step-by-step, science-based, results-driven, customizable lifestyle, wellness and weight- management system. It is the vehicle for life-long, sustainable health and well-being and a platform for empowerment and authentic connection to your highest and best Self.
Metabolic Method Elite is right for you if…… 
  • You are ready for a complete lifestyle creation.
  •  You are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
  •   You are done with excuses.
  •   You know you need immersion, community and the focused assistance of a coach to reach your goals. 
  •  You have known hormonal or metabolic imbalances or concerns. 
  •  You want to lose weight and keep it off for good this time. 
  •  Your metabolism is so slow it feels broken. 
  •  You want support from a team of experienced certified coaches. 
  •  You want more energy. 
  •  You want to improve your quality of sleep. 
  •  You want fewer aches and pains. 
  •  You are tired of the diet roller coaster. 
  •  You want a REALISTIC system that produces RESULTS. 
  •  You know you need more than a few weeks to make a REAL change. 
  •  You want to increase your knowledge to improve your health, weight and physique as well as empower others.
Program 2. Metabolic lifestyle club (Lifetime Membership):
This robust, results-oriented, tool is an efficient and effective resource for lifestyle transformation. The 30-Day Accelerated plan combined with the Lifestyle guide and a thriving community of committed, like-minded people provides a blueprint for success. (Lifetime Membership, No Annual or Monthly Fees)
Metabolic Method proven systems help you take control of your health, fitness and physique! It removes all the guesswork, all the inaccurate information and all the one-size fits all baloney. It provides a sure, yet customized pathway to
 YOUR healthy living.
Lydia Martinez Ebling and Ryan Ebling are professional speakers, trainers, authors and mentors that coach entrepreneurs in business as well as health & weight loss. They have personally coached hundreds of individuals and thousands of groups to significant weight loss, body fat reduction, and inches forever gone and improved health.

Improving someone’s quality of life is what we are driven to do and the most meaningful part of our life. That is why we get frustrated when things are so confusing for most people simply trying to better their quality of life.

We have been around long enough to see the countless fad diets that come and go…

I.e. low-fat, non-fat, low-carb, no carb, high protein, raw food, juicing, detoxes, cleanses…

Let us tell you a secret right now….

There is no absolute one size fits all to follow. When it comes to getting healthy and losing weight you have to take in ALL the factors:


If you are ready for change and to stop riding the weight loss roller coaster, we will show you how to gain control and implement change to get lasting RESULTS. Backed by years of Experience, our program will provide you with every tool necessary to TRANSFORM YOUR BODY, Increase your energy, and tackle the REAL issues to Change Your LIFE!

Yes I’m ready to experience increased happiness, health and fitness in almost no time with the Metabolic Method!
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