Client Attraction & Sales Mastery Intensive
Discover the 4 Proven Processes to Growing Your Coaching Business
In a nutshell we get *ish done! 
(You don’t have to be a coach to attend also available online via Livestreaming)
Spend two days with us and change the course of your business. There is so much fluff in the online coaching “guru” space, we want to diffuse the myths and help you learn the best strategies and methods required to build a solid business.

If you feel like you have too many moving parts, feeling stuck, it doesn’t feel like it is all syncing or in a flow, this intensive is for you. 

You will get hands on support, working together to connect all the dots with your systems – to allow you to focus on what you do best, coach.

If you don't currently have multiple referral sources, deep connections to exceptional networks, unsure of exactly how to attract or align with your ideal client, you will find this intensive extremely helpful - and impactful to your business.

If you feel like you are great at getting clients, but spend too much time doing mundane and repetitive tasks... it's time to create a clear and fully automated client booking system, and organize and streamline your programs and products into effective systems so that they work for you rather than against you. 

Be here. Get sh*t done is your day to conquer overwhelm.
Day 1: Get Sh*t Done Day – Take Action & Get Results. 
Focus - Streamlining Systems & Organization:   Systems and Technology Expert Walk Through  and Training of  the best current online business platforms and tools for your business. 
  • Get out of Technology Overwhelm: Exclusive access to tech support, and systems coaching on site. Bring your laptop, and get ready to get ish done.
  • Get Organized: Completely build out your client appointment booking system from start to finish and integrate it with your current branded website.
  • Automate & Free up your time:  Create and automate your emails and follow up system for client communication for any client calendar appointments.
  •  Create Better Business Boundaries: Set up your business conference line for point of contact
  • Scale w/Events: Establish and set up a simple and easy to do online event for your business 
  • Leverage the "Cloud": Learn how to leverage the cloud to deliver and integrate important marketing documents and documents so that they are available in real time, all the time.
Day 2:  Proven Processes to Growing Your Business
Focus -Client Attraction Mastery: Proven Income and List Building Acceleration Strategies that finally work for service professionals, coaches, solo-preneurs, authors, and entrepreneurs
  • Uncover The 7 Proven Steps To Attract Endless Referrals and establish excellent collaboration partnerships with professionals in your industry
  • Learn the art of Using Stories That Sell: Learn how to craft awesome testimonials and case studies to get people asking how they can HIRE you... NOW!
  • Simple And Effective Lead Generation Online: Learn how to implement the Killer Strategy We Have Used To Get 20+ high quality leads booking our calendar for appointments in under 1 hour (even if you don't have a list or a marketing ad budget)
  • Roadmap to Big Profit Months: Map out right and effective actions that lead  high 4 figure and five figure months (part-time)
  • Learn what it takes to use AND create Sticky Conversational Marketing:  Generate 6 figures online, without funnels, advertising campaigns, or high tech ANYTHING 
  • Hot Seat In Action: Real Time Coaching With How To Deal With The Hard Questions (knowing exactly what to say, how to say it, and when to say it)
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  • ***BONUS: Access To Recording of This Workshop - We understand that you are productive, your calendar may not line up perfectly, but you don't want to miss this.... Perfect, with your purchase, you can watch and work on your own time (value: $497, unlimited access)
  • ***BONUS: Create Killer Sales Page Copy Template (value: $19.97)
  • ***BONUS: Client Attraction & Sales Mastery Intensive Workbook (value: $97)
Here’s What People Are Saying:

Debbie Dern Parker, Certified Health Coach & Elite Trainer

Growing..... when I grow, learn and get better at what I do there is a peace and joy that bubbles up. It can’t be contained or stopped.... Saturday and Sunday I had the great pleasure to participate in the first online MMA Sales Mastery Intensive and Client attraction seminar. The interaction of the participants was outstanding. Was NOT for just MM Coach’s and I loved that. MMA Master Trainers Lydia Martinez Ebling and Sye Wells are some of the BEST of the best with the knowledge to get folks to their goals. I feel like a reset button was pressed in some areas and bounced out of bed excited to greet this day! Thank you, Ladies for ALL you do to help so many!
You know, I was told almost 3 years ago by Lydia when we first started working together. Deb, give me 6 weeks I will change your body, give me 6 months I will change your life. She was NOT kidding. 3 years later and I never want to be the same again. Things just keep getting better and better....
Your turn? Just reach out....

Jo Velotti, Founder Velotti Corp, Certified Coach

WOW what a weekend! Just finished up a 2 day intensive workshop on Client Attraction and Sales Mastery with Lydia Martinez Ebling, Sye Wells and a bunch of amazing coaches that want to take their business the the next level. This interactive training was incredible. You don’t know know you don’t know. When you want to grow you look at and do the the successful has done. Thank you ✌️💞🌞
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