72 Hour Detox
What are you waiting on?

Giving your body a much needed reset can be easier than you think and you won’t believe how great you’ll feel (or maybe you already know). Either way, it’s time to give your body this treat.
And what I’m referring to is the 72-hour detox.

Your body will love you for it.

Unlike the other cleanses, the 72-hour detox is low in sugar, high in fiber, allows quality protein and helps you get sustainable results by retaining lean muscle.

Besides, who wants to indulge in a detox for only temporary benefits?

I certainly wouldn’t want to and I’m sure you don’t either.
Yes, the actual cleanse should be temporary but the results, themselves, should NOT.

Here are some hints your body might be sending to you to say it’s time:
  • You’ve been feeling a little sluggish or slightly off kilter lately
  •  You’re having difficulty sleeping and your puffy eyelids are telling your secret
  •  You’ve been a bit more forgetful and your focus has been off
  •  You’ve noticed an increase in headaches, sinusitis or more skin problems than usual
  •  Your metabolism seems to be slowing as it’s been easier to put on weight
  •  You’re feeling icky from too much of the not-so-great stuff
  •  You’re feeling tired, stressed out or just plain exhausted
If any of this sounds familiar, a quick cleanse “detox” will help nip it in the bud. It’s one of the best tools to clean your system, jumpstart your metabolism, and get your health back on track. 
Do you want to:
  • De-bloat and sport a flatter stomach?
  •  Bounce out of bed with more energy?
  •  Eat delicious food that actually fills you up?
  •  Feel seriously freaking fabulous?
How about a:
  • A no-brainer instruction/guide?
  •  Emails with motivations, tips and reminders?
  •  A totally adaptable food list to suit any lifestyle/dietary needs?
  •  A supportive and NON JUDGEMENTAL group to ask questions?
Here are 6 reasons why it’s time to join 72- hour detox…

1.You lose weight easier and quicker. The right detox provides your body with all the essential vitamins and minerals it needs, while eliminating the “not so healthy” things you consume that weigh you down and add excess weight. It allows you to slim down (de-bloat) the healthy way.

2. It gives your digestive system a much needed break while also flooding it with the life giving nutrients your body needs to flourish.

3. You develop a stronger immune system. By following the simple food list it will give you the right mix of ingredients to feed your immune system exactly what it needs to build you a fortress against sickness and disease.

4.You increase your brainpower. Yes, you can make brain fog a thing of the past. When you detox the right way, you boost your brain power, improving your focus, mental clarity and memory.

5. You get deeper, more satisfying sleep. Because you’re eating the nutrients your body needs, they are easily absorbed into your system, allowing it to rest which results in much more peaceful zzzz for you.

6. You get the right amount of protein, vegetables and fruit (minimal). With the right mix you maximize fat loss and protect your muscle.
So get in on the fun!!! 

Shed some pounds, recharge your metabolism, and rev up your energy. Don’t miss out!