"Kick Butt" Kitchen Makeover
Coaching Package
Make Healthy Living A Lifestyle
Are you sick and tired of extra pounds...even when you think you are eating "healthy"?
You could be another casualty of ... "The Creeping Calories!" 

The “calorie creepis basically a bunch of small things that you might be doing to add up a load of extra calories without even knowing it.
Things like eating “healthy foods” that are really not, contribute to this.

A kick butt kitchen makeover coaching session is an excellent solution to this...

The truth is mindless eating at restaurants, not paying attention to serving sizes on nutrition labels, and also giving yourself too many “cheat meals” are big challenges that block any well meaning healthy lifestyle goals.
With a "Kick Butt" Kitchen Makeover Session you will receive…
  • Lifestyle and goal review form
  •  Kitchen checklist instruction
  •  45-minute virtual session to review current kitchen, discuss what a healthy kitchen should look like and outline a new grocery list and menu plan
  •  (1) 20- minute follow up call to review progress
Included materials provided by your certified health coach: 
  • Two sample menu plans
  •  Grocery list
  •  Menu planner
  •  Top food choices and daily food journal